By Lucy McMillan


Hand built and inlaid with blend of stoneware and raku clays using an agateware process.


Satin semi gloss glazed top is softly luscious and unglazed bottom feels like a sablé with corduroy ridges.

Perfect for a fruit bowl on a bench top or a shared salad bowl.


Each individual layer has its own motifs, composed and collaged in a unique way, you’ll find it pleasantly unacquainted.

This picturesque harmony comes from the artistic training of the potter, although the piece is made to be used in everyday life.


Handle with care as your precious in the cupboard. They age and adapt to your methods.

Avoid soaking in the water for a long time or putting it in the dishwasher.


Unique piece.


34cm dia approx.


Crafted in Aotearoa.