Bamboo Tea Strainer is an essential tool for preparing loose leaf tea, that aids in the infusion of a more refined and enjoyable cup of tea with its charming hat-like shape.


After use, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the strainer with running water and allow it to air dry then storing in a well-ventilated area to ensuring its longevity and preventing the growth of mold.

With a proper care, bamboo is a practical and sustainable material that can be kept for an extended period of time.


In Korea, bamboo has been utilized in the creation of numerous products for centuries.

These include drying vegetables, draining water from noodles, serving dishes for chilled foods, storage containers, summer sleeping mats and pillows.

The range of bamboo products are extensive and versatile, we will try to introduce more selection of traditional Korean bamboo crafts here.



cup 5cm dia, arms 14cm width.

** The Yoke version has a smaller cup compared to the Cloche version but features longer stick handles, making the strainer suitable for narrow to broader vessels.


Crafted in Korea.